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This article discussed the problems facing the implementation of mathematics programme in the public secondary schools in Nigeria. Secondary data were used to support the points raised in the article. The secondary data were generated from print materials and online publication. The article identified: inadequate funding, shortage of mathematics teachers, inadequate infrastructural facilities, shortage of mathematics instructional materials, inadequate data to plan mathematics programme, poor capacity of mathematic teachers, and negative attitude of students towards the study of mathematics programme as the problems facing the administration of mathematic programme in public secondary schools in Nigeria. To solve this problems, the article recommended that the government should increase the funding of the mathematic programme, employ more qualified mathematics teachers, provide adequate infrastructural facilities, adequate mathematics instructional materials, ensure effective capacity development programme for mathematics teachers in the public secondary schools and generate current data on mathematics programme for effective planning of mathematics programme in the country.


Administration Mathematics Programme Secondary school Public schools

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Lawase, T. A., O., S. A., & J., O. N. (2021). Administration and Implementation of Mathematics Programme in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools: Problems and Prospects. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL THEORY AND COMPUTER SCIENCES, 2(11), 91-98. Retrieved from


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